Software License Agreement -- Updated on 13 September 1998
Maria Elena's Mexican Art Screen saver
Version 1.0, for Microsoft Windows95/98 or WindowsNT *
* Windows95, Windows NT and Windows98 are copyrighted products of Microsoft Corporation.


This version of the Software License agreement supersedes any other versions posted anywhere else, including those found in currently installed or distributed copies of version 1.0.0. This license applies to version 1.0.0 only.

You are responsible for reading, understanding and agreeing to the terms described here, BEFORE you use this software (Maria Elena's Mexican Art Screen saver). If you do not agree with these terms, you must not download this software and if you already did, you must immediately discontinue use of this software and remove any traces of it from your computer system(s). However, if you do agree with the following statements and conditions, then you are invited to download and use the software according to the terms in this document.

This software and the included art images are copyrighted material, and as such, remains the sole property of the artist MARIA ELENA, the software developer and other respective copyright holders. You do not own the software, but you are granted a no-cost, limited license to use this software for PERSONAL and NON-PROFIT use. No payment or registration is required from private individuals who install and use the screen saver for non-profit activities. So, in this sense, the screen saver software's distribution method and usage is defined as freeware. For commercial, governmental or institutional use -- or any for-profit use by any entity -- you must contact the artist in writing, to negotiate a separate usage agreement immediately after an evaluation period not to exceed five complete screen saver display cycles. You may not use these images or software for the profit of anyone other than the artist who created them, Maria Elena. This software program is designed as a promotional device for the artist and as a monitor screen saver with attractive images for the user's visual enjoyment. Any other use is not authorized. Any action on your part that may cause a deviation from the terms in this agreement is reason enough to immediately void and terminate, without notice, your licensed and authorized use of this software. While the screen saver software (that includes the art images) can be considered freeware, this is not true for the images by themselves. The digital images are not to be used as freeware or shareware or clipart. The images may not be used separately from the screen saver software, and any attempt to do so, immediately voids the user's license and violates copyright permissions. You are not authorized to copy, print or otherwise duplicate or extract the images contained in this software. You may not alter or "reverse-engineer" this software.

You use this software entirely and unconditionally at your own risk There are absolutely no guarantees or warranties included with this software. You are responsible for any negative consequences arising from your ability or inability to use this software. This software's copyright holders will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or coincidental damages resulting from the use of this software.

You should always check any software you intend to install on your computer with a current version of a malicious-code detector before you use any new software, including this software.

This software package may be freely redistributed only in it's original packaging configuration and provided that no alterations have been made to any portion of the original distribution. No monetary charge is authorized for redistributing this software package.

Your use of the materials in this software package implies your agreement with the terms in this software license agreement.

YES, I agree with the terms in this license and wish to use the software.

NO, I do not agree with this license and do not wish to use this software.
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