Screen Saver User Instructions

System requirements

The following instructions assume that you are familiar with procedures for:

  • basic Microsoft Windows functions.
  • downloading software from an Internet web page to the storage medium on your PC.
  • installing or uninstalling software on your PC
  • installing and configuring screen savers for Microsoft Windows.

If you are not able to do these tasks, consult your user guides and manuals, or online help facilities.

If you follow these instructions and consult your documentation, you should be able to successfully use this software. These instructions are based on a "typical" Windows installation, where default file paths and other default configuration parameters were used.


 System requirements (minimum)

Any PC that adequately runs a 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows95, Windows98 or Windows NT).* Windows95, WindowsNT and Windows98 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

At least 6 megabytes of storage available on the hard drive where the operating system is installed. Typically, this would be c:\windows or c:\winnt. The screen saver itself occupies 2 megabytes of space, while the remaining is needed only during software installation and is later freed.

A screen display resolution of 640x480 pixels or greater with at least 256 colors. 24-bit color depth is preferred (16.7 million colors.)

  • Downloading the software

To download a copy of the screen saver software, simply click on the indicated link at the bottom of this page.

The screen saver installation software is contained in a single, self-extracting file that is approximately 2.50 megabytes large. Download this file into a temporary storage directory on your PC. For example: c:\temp or c:\windows\temp.

If you prefer a multi-disk (1.44MB floppy) configuration, contact the artist for instructions on how to obtain a copy.

  • Installing the software

After you download the software from this home page, it's easy to install the screen saver because it uses a special installation program that automates the process.

The first thing you must do is rename the file you downloaded from this site. Rename the file so that the filename extender becomes .exe. For instance: rename ME100.ZIP to ME100.EXE. If you don't know how to do this, consult your Microsoft Windows help or manuals.

After you renamed the file, click on the Start button, select Run, and type in the path and filename of the file you downloaded. If you forgot where the file is, click on the Browse button to find it. Once the correct filename and path are entered, click on the Ok button.

The setup program displays licensing and installation notes and does everything else automatically. Respond to the prompts as they are presented on the screen.

After a successful installation is complete, you may delete the file you downloaded, since it is no longer needed for the screen saver to work properly.

  • Configuring the screen saver

After successfully installing the software onto your PC, you are ready to select and configure the Maria Elena Art screen saver as your default screen saver on your system.

Click on the Start button on the Windows task bar, select Settings and Control Panel. Double-click on the Display icon. Click on the Screen Saver tab. Click on the listbox containing a list of screen savers available to your system. Of those listed, select the one named MariaElena. Click on Apply button. Click on Ok button. You're done!

Now, the Maria Elena screen saver will activate after the prescribed period of keyboard or mouse inactivity and will continue to run until a key is pressed or the mouse is moved or clicked.

This version of the screen saver allows you to use a password and to select the number of minutes in the period of inactivity before the screen saver activates. No other settings are available in this version. For an enhanced version of this software, contact the artist.

  • Uninstalling the software

Uninstall the screen saver as you would other software that was installed using a special installation program. Click on the Start button on the Windows task bar, select Settings and Control Panel. Double-click on the Add/Remove programs icon. Find and click on the "Maria Elena's Art Screen saver" entry in the list of programs displayed in the selection box. Click on the Add/Remove button. Follow the remaining instructions as presented.

  • Technical Support

Technical support is NOT available for this version of the software. Please do not contact the artist for technical support, because she will not be able to help you. She did not write the software and has no answers for you.

However, your suggestions and critiques are welcome and would help to improve a future version of this software.

For the latest information about this software go to the following Web sites:

  • Known Issues

This software has been tested on Windows95 (OSR2) and Windows NT 4.0 (SP3) and no significant problems were found in it's operation. It should work on other versions too, including Windows98, but this is not tested and is not guaranteed.

There are three screens in the screen saver software that are of a promotional nature, displaying contact information about the artist and a reminder of the software license agreement. These screens display for a duration of 45 seconds each. All other art image screens display for 15 seconds each. This is not a bug, but an attempt to give credit to the artist and promote her work


 Before you download this file, please take the time to email to us your postal and email addresses. This will enable us to place you on our mailing list to send you complimentary updated information and newsletters about Maria Elena's Art and this software package. This information will not be shared with anyone else.

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Filename: ME100.ZIP

Approximate size: 2.50MB

Click here to download the screen saver software.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST rename this file to ME100.EXE before you install it. This Web server does not allow a filename with an EXE extender on a home page, so, I had to name it with .ZIP. Sorry about this extra step.


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